sábado, 23 de março de 2024


She had the Chance and I offered her my Company, "Stay with me". A few days later she told me I needed to get the money first; that was so fucking wrong, I knew there had to be something dark going on I didn't know about. So, wanting the Truth or not, she would help me, because this patient had all the Time to get Her, and none to find any "thing" she wanted. Why haven't she and her "brethren" seen me coming? Because the malicious think you'd have to taste the same poison to know what they hide, that it's not possible to know any "thing" keeping yourself clean. I guess she has also never imagined there was something much scarier than having her hidden facts uncovered and exposed: having them analyzed in the Light of the main Object of my investigation. Because it's not possible to know anything loving the dirt.

Don't you worry, friends of Life.

Ending up without "dreams" is no big deal; the Plan is incomparable.