quinta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2024

Cuidado Com A "Igreja"

Como interpretar a palavra 'tímido' em Apocalipse? Quem são essas pessoas que, por esse comportamento, serão condenadas? Basta lembrar a "ousadia" de um bandido ao aproximar-se de você para assaltá-lo, caso você já tenha passado por isso. Esses tímidos são pessoas que têm "coragem" para praticar a mentira e o mal, mas não a Verdade e o Bem. E isso relaciona-se diretamente com o interesse na Palavra.

Em João 6, Jesus age para dispensar vários que seguiam-no por outra razão, interessados em outras "coisas". Então Ele pergunta aos apóstolos se eles também queriam se retirar. Por que Ele faz isso? Porque, conhecendo os corações, sabia que um ainda havia tido a "coragem" de permanecer porque tinha acesso à prata do grupo. João sabia o que Judas buscava, então já inferia logicamente que ele viria a ser o traidor.

A linguagem esconde segredos filosóficos. Tome cuidado com pessoas, principalmente do sexo oposto, que aproximam-se de você, até mesmo em templos religiosos. Porque pode ser que a razão para ela fazer isso seja apenas, como o mundo diz, ter achado você "um pão". Como pode também estar interessada por ter visto em você uma fonte desse "pão".


...were they doing behind me?


Something Weird Is Happening

Just an example of how you're being smarter than you yourself can notice when you're guided by Supernatural Intelligence... Take a look at the name of the channel where that Lasgo live video is. Only now I realized that. I probably read it and thought it was some other word, that it only looked like the animal's name. Now I paid attention to the picture and clicked to see it enlarged on the channel's page.

The Knowledge Out There

When some type out there, "Your music saved my life!", they're not talking about real Salvation, they're saying that it has helped them feel a little better, like when you go see the doctor and he prescribes a medicine. Despite the fact that talent cannot save not even the artist himself, those comments can be misleading, making him think he's doing a spiritual work. Nonetheless, could the individual on the other side of the screen be using his own imagination to see the Kingdom? I believe the answer is yes, but he'd need to be in the saved State already, because according to the Gospel and The Matrix, the Holy Ghost is the search engine that makes it possible to find the Truth. It's Out there, in the Spirit, not in ourselves while disconnected from Him.

Do I have any talent? I couldn't say. I've started Out on this trip before I could discover that... and I can't imagine myself living a life that's not Gift-driven anyway.

I do it all for the glory of the great Feeling.

The Great Outlet

I wonder how many teenagers have not fallen in love with Amanda by the time Can't Buy Me Love was released, because she was not only a pretty face but also an impressively talented actress. A feeling of sadness might have filled the same hearts when they knew that such a well written story wasn't good enough to save her from the Kensington system. And I think about how ashamed she must have felt every time she compared who she had become and the secret she kept with Cindy and her secret innocent dream. Because she was supposed to meet everyone's "expectations".

Her acting was so natural and convincing... Who wouldn't believe she had a Cindy within her? I think she did have, but it feels overwhelming having to save yourself. No one can. Somehow, people wanted to watch her tell the continuation of the story, not the writer.

Someone at Universal Pictures edited out His name from The Adjustment Bureau's credits, but Philip would say there are no new David and Elise without Him.

Would you like to try and show the world that you can turn yourself on without the Source, that you'll never let your public down? You just have to remember to persist and never give up, because if one day you decide to give it a try like Amanda, I mean, simulate the Supernatural through drugs, you could like it. Then it's going to be you and your heroin, not you and the world anymore.

quarta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2024

Alien Defense Technology

Isn't my Moonworld a beautiful place to reside and share tricks of Communion? Take your priceless Ticket for a ride in the real Thing and invite that special girl, holy roller; I'm sure you'll rise in Love with the Teacher in this sweet Transcendence.

Problem Child

Those happily locked inside the box without a Heart cannot heed any priceless advice. Is she to this day complaining about the pirate bee on the Shore? Maybe. Probably. Almost certainly. That's why I say they're about gossip from the start, that really few are acting inspired by the Good News, the Good Spell within when they share my stuff. How do you know you're one of them? It's simple: is this the Content that cheers you up and you'd give it "all" up for? A merely "curious" person would pay for a pear but not for this.

Although talent is not enough, have I ever said you shouldn't pay for their bits? Even if the zombie's individuality is still defiled by "expectations" to turn him on in the truly electric State, it's fair to pay for his work. I just warn that, since what money can buy is also not enough, some could be playing the devil's game, believing, consciously or not, that nothing boosts self-esteem more than a love that's not meant for them. And considering that, in Reality, they cannot have it, what they get is not even the real thing.

People who crave that "emotion" depend on the world that never leaves foolishness to get Her, because if only Judy and Johnny remain on the surface of the earth, the "party" is over. There is a philosophical pattern behind that locking out the pharisees were concerned with. If you're not free from people driven by that wicked behavior not even in that house, why would you be in any other? Everywhere there are Heartless people who are content with the "communion" possible in darkness.

"Religion" is not required for the individual to want people enslaved to himself or herself, only caring not about Love, ignoring Her. Spiritually unambitious people are easily drawn to poisonous things, to dark experiences which look so promising to anesthetize the emptiness. Fallen and neglecting the Present that could make them rise, they'd rather believe that decadence can be "sweet". To be reminded of the loneliness and be unable block the pain is usually not enough for them to decide to shake it off.

I want you flying high locked in the strong arms of Freedom and mine. 🐝

Believe in the Wild Wings, for I've got a job for you on Monte Rey, Rika. 🌙

terça-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2024

In Deep Space

There is Food, there is Fun here...

Getting back down would be a disaster.

Perfectionist Lady

Is it hard to say? The secret is to superfocus on the One's voice. If you believe in the Rain, you're probably interested in the Subject too. I don't need to wish you luck, because I'm sure you've got faith to seek Good as the Only Thing you need.

Welcome to the club. 🦁🎖️

A Trip To The Rotary

No way, it's entrapment, he's trying to set me up.

I'm a buck, so I'm going for the deer.


The top secrets of the world many are seeking to discover are certainly how to become "rich" and "famous", being ready to waste all their time working to get those useless things. And to be "this" and "that" are not Something that would inspire Life to give anyone just one more day if today were their last day. Still, people decide to rely on luck. They think, "If I hope not, if I'm afraid I won't get old, I won't do anything". Actually, it's when you believe not that you live a hundred years without saying anything. It's true that Life can use stones to speak. Nonetheless, it's necessary to be willing to listen to Her in order to be turned into a living stone.

I've chosen to change and be counted.

Write it just for me.

segunda-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2024

Secrets Of The Moonworld

Why is "fear" ever-changing and evolving? Because you'll never know enough so as to be in control; either you respect Her infinitely or you'll never feel really safe.

Extremo À Esquerda


Marginal do Banco Voador, do tipo black stallion, é tranquilo de levar pra casa.

O Jacob tem filhos espalhados no mundo todo, inclusive em Marrocos.

Let Me Show You How

Come on In, stranger.

(I swear it's true, I didn't know about Patsy Kensit's band until last saturday.

Always in Time and out of control.)

Great Spirits

1974, 1977 - 2006 ✝❥

Rest in Irene, old warriors.

Only The Siren Remains

Use the Rain to make a run for It.

Shock the "lovers" out of the Quadra.

Die With Me

Quem me prendeu?

Não tem mais como sair de Casa.