quarta-feira, 20 de março de 2024

And I Know It Now

Why don't I believe that human beings come from a species of monkey that evolved, learning to use sounds to form words? You need your own experiences with the Holy Ghost to see things as we see, that is, you need to see the Kingdom for yourself. And from that starting point, you link things in the Bible and realize it's really one Web. For example, when the multitude came together where the Church was and heard them speak in their own language, asking each other the meaning of that; if you have your own supernatural experience that enables you to believe that really happened, you conclude that in fact one day the earth was of one language, and that same Spirit confounded their language. Why? Because the meaning of the New Testament's event is true unity, real oneness. Thus the Old Testament's one must have taken place literally as a sign from God that people won't ever be able to independently build anything that restores that lost Paradise.

I've got a crazy reason to believe that Jesus talked not about Adam and Eve metaphorically, but rather He believed in two individuals divinely brought into being, just like the text suggests. Shortly after my immersion, when I tasted that glorious peaceful and joyful state of Spirit, I woke up in the middle of the night with the idea of downloading a mp3 from a band that an evangelical guy in my class at the church's school used to talk about a lot. So I downloaded their most popular song, Espelhos Mágicos. When I hit play in that thing, Someone else started to cry in me, and it was the deepest sadness ever. I lived the following days in a state of ultra soul sensitivity, wanting that more than any cold "happiness" in the world, convinced that "everything" in it was much darker than anyone who had never felt what I felt could imagine. So from that day on, I knew that there had been in fact a mystical beginning and something went terribly wrong.

That's how I went from rockstar wannabe to "Fuck all you wannabes".

I'm all about feeling Good, whether it's joy or sadness.