sábado, 16 de março de 2024

If You Believe

"Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding."

What's the matter with shopping? There's nothing wrong with buying things; the problem is when those things become an end in themselves, your "truth" instead of a means to help you acquire Her. At first, Ronald wasn't quite sure what he wanted most, the "girl" or that "thing" she had. Later, he starts to enjoy the explicit idea, that was to use her as a means to have the same lie, when he realizes he could get any "girl" he wanted being popular. Kind of a Poly "dream", huh? He "changes" because he wasn't seeking to change, he was only playing a foolish game in which the goal was to win the weak-hearted.

Consumerism involves a sensation that usually ensnares "women" more than "men", who start to search for that as their experience of "transcendence". "Men" remain focused on "women"; they take pleasure in buying fancy cars, but still the main bodywork on their mind is always that of a female. And that's how they become drunk with appearance and blind to any depth, forgetting about the design and character. Christine also has a flesh and bone version, and she cannot be changed; she'll always feel attracted to evil more than Good, because it's the type of girl she is, that's how she was written.

Let the One turn you on.

Go get Her.