domingo, 24 de março de 2024

Namaste House

A messenger is only a good writer because he is a good reader of the Word speaking through everything. Could it be an access gained through some unresolved security hole in him, only a loop, a trip to the ice cream parlour from hell under way again? Probably not, because she also writes bright phrases; he's found her special line out there. But what was that? He's not sure. You know, the "freedom" of not having to give account of your "self" to anyone, not even the Judge, is actually a lonely and cold prison. It's disturbing to have someone obsessed, idolizing, trying to control us, just like it's equally awful to be with someone who sets you "free", because that means he or she is in the same way far from really loving you. Do you want an angel or someone to tell you to jump if you want to?

Did you know Maria exists not only in screens? Haven't you seen her getting mad? He has. He has been watching over her too. It had to do with the front seat. And it's alright, he's not "afraid", he is not like the rest; he knows that the blessed ones cry and get mad, and that means they are hating the hell they're in and outraged by the darkness surrounding them. Would the queen do any "thing" stupid, like someone who doesn't care, doesn't mind losing the one residing with him? Because he wouldn't be "afraid" to lose a "life" that wouldn't mean anything anyway. Would she say, "Fuck!!", if she lost hear seat or would she tell her "self" that he wouldn't have made any difference in her "life"? In a "way", that can be "true"; no arms of Light can make you feel warmer when you don't have the Salt in you.

There is no pressure in the Sea of Tranquility.

I love you, babes.