domingo, 10 de março de 2024

It's Up To You Or Down To Earth

They're going to say you have your head in the clouds... until you start achieving the impossible.

So what's the big secret? To care not; "all" that's not conquered by means of faith doesn't mean a thing anyway. "You" could need "me" today, not forever; it would be my fault and your fault. It's up to me to seek Truth in the first place and need not "myself" if I want to succeed; I should be the first to leave "myself" behind, to believe this self-centered "life" is useless. Because I know I'd always be in danger of being swapped for someone "better" than "me" in there, in a world that doesn't miss the Friendship.

Would you like to try and be the "best", to see if that's the answer to the problem?

I wish you good luck in old man's land.